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During Warsaw Comic Con there will be two exhibitions of original comic boards, co-organized by Polish Comic Art 

The exhibition ” 100 years of Polish comics “, with the patronage of Ministry of Culture. You will see the original art of Grzegorz Rosiński (Thorgal) Tadeusz Baranowski, Jacek Skrzydlewski (Ostatni Mohikanin), Papa Chmiel (Tytus, Romek & A’Tomek) and Zbigniew Kasprzak (Yans). Most of those works were never shown before. You will also be able to meet the young generation of prolific authors.

The exhibition of 2000 AD with guests: and Glenn Fabry & Simon Bisley.

JExtraordinary art of the biggest names in British comics. You will see rare work of Simon Bisley ( most of his creations remain in the hands of private collectors) Glenn Fabry’s and a real treat – Slaine in full color. Interesting fact: have you known that artists from 2000AD also drew for Warhammer 40000? You will see it at the exhibition as well.

Comics zone guests

We are proud to announce 2 guests from Great Britain, friends and extremely talented artists: Glenn Fabry and Simon Bisley.

Simon Bisley, the artist behind Lobo, Batman, Thor, Hulk, Hellblazer, X-men & many others. He received Eisner Award for “Best Artist” Simon fell in love with our event and called it ” This is the proper f…g show, all of them should be like that!”

Glenn Fabry – creator of Slaine, Preacher, Daredevil, Batman/Judge Dredd: Die Laughing, Thor: The Vikings & others. He also received Eisner Award for “Best Cover” He rarely visits Poland, so his visit makes us extremely happy.