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Dear Cosplayers! We decided to refresh our cosplay contest brands.
Your submissions, regulations, and awards remain the same.

If you will participate in our scenic cosplay contest, you can count that we will provide the following:

  • Professional stage with stage lights, LED screen and a catwalk.
  • The wonderful backstage atmosphere, changing rooms and a comfortable place to put on your characterization.
  • Professional stage-manager during your rehearsals and presentation, to make sure everything goes perfectly.
  • A special quick pass, with security that will know the difference between props and a deadly weapon.

Special programme for everyone interested in Cosplay:

  • Characterization workshops
  • Costume making workshop
  • Cosplay techniques workshop
  • Stage performing workshops.

Are you a beginner? Would you like to test your skills on the stage? The road to Cosplay Fame lies open right before you! At the Open Stage event, you can perform before an audience and professional performers can provide you with breakthrough advice!

Cosplay 2018 Photo Gallery

2. Cosplay Contests on Warsaw Comic Con


Diamond International Cosplay Awards

The stage performances during Diamond International Cosplay Awards are vital to the convention. We have one of the biggest and the best scenes in Europe hosting a dazzling display of costumes and showmanship. The best cosplayers in Europe will compete for prizes up to 1000 EUR.