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Dear Cosplayers! We decided to refresh our cosplay contest brands.
Your submissions, regulations, and awards remain the same.

If you will participate in our scenic cosplay contest, you can count that we will provide the following:

  • Professional stage with stage lights, LED screen and a catwalk.
  • The wonderful backstage atmosphere, changing rooms and a comfortable place to put on your characterization.
  • Professional stage-manager during your rehearsals and presentation, to make sure everything goes perfectly.
  • A special quick pass, with security that will know the difference between props and a deadly weapon.

Special programme for everyone interested in Cosplay:

  • Characterization workshops
  • Costume making workshop
  • Cosplay techniques workshop
  • Stage performing workshops.

Are you a beginner? Would you like to test your skills on the stage? The road to Cosplay Fame lies open right before you! At the Open Stage event, you can perform before an audience and professional performers can provide you with breakthrough advice!

Cosplay 2018 Photo Gallery

2. Cosplay Contests on Warsaw Comic Con

Diamond International Cosplay Awards

The stage performances during Diamond International Cosplay Awards are vital to the convention. We have one of the biggest and the best scenes in Europe hosting a dazzling display of costumes and showmanship. The best cosplayers in Europe will compete for prizes up to 4000 EUR. Regulation for Diamond.


Shine! Live Cosplay Contest

A unique idea for the contest, giving the judging privilege to the audience. Every visitor at our convention receives a token, which may be given to a cosplayer, who’s costume makes the biggest impression. The lucky Cosplayer is awarded with wonderful prizes (like brand – new gaming laptop and a luxury gaming chair have been given out during previous editions of the contest).

Cosplay Super Show!

This serves as eliminations for (probably) the biggest Cosplay Contest at (probably) the biggest convention in the world! The winners are send to CICAF – the biggest convention in China. For the chosen few, all expanses will be covered by organizers of Warsaw Comic Con and CICAF. Almost 1,5 million visitors will take part in CICAF, including about 80 000 participants of the Cosplay Super Show.

Małgorzata “Margaret” Janikowska – cosplays for 11 years. She is known as a Queen of Worbla, but also very proficient in the whole array of cosplay tools and materials. Her professionalism earned her cooperation with PlayStation and Guerilla games. Margaret is a true master of the stage. She won several cosplay contests, including Grand Prix at first and third edition of Warsaw Comic Con. We are grateful that Margaret agreed to be our Diamond International Cosplay Awards judge!

Jannet Incosplay – is a pioneer of the professional and international Russian cosplay, guesting in a big number of conventions around the World, from Asia to Europe and America. One of the first worldwide wigmakers with more than 7 years experience. Her high quality works are based on very different characters from movies, games or anime. Even cute gijinka and mermaids.
She has been recognized for cosplays such as Witchblade, Satsuki, Triss Merigold, Goku, Widowmaker and Darth Talon, being Blizzard’s “Widowmaker” and “Widowmaker Talon” official model since 2016.
Loves to create huge and interesting wigs and painting all what she can by using weathering techniques.
Jannet has her own photostudio with great scenarios she built with her team for all the artistic people to be able create photo and video projects!

Carlos Blanchard – has been doing cosplay for over 20 years. High on the top male cosplayers lists, he is invited to many exotic Comic Cons, like Shanghai or Comic Con Arabia. He gladly uses his position to engage in charity events. Carlos has been a judge in many Cosplay Contests, including World Cosplay Championship. He has a remarkable talent – his projects are an instant internet sensation, like Medieval Batman, or Facehugger Corset. Apart from being a Judge and an honored guest, Carlos will participate in workshops and cosplay Q&A.

Dan Ballestero is an international cosplayer, representative from Costa Rica. His works are based mostly on male video game and movie characters with strong personalities, being the most recognized: Dante, Geralt of Rivia, Nathan Drake, Dovahkiin and Jacob Frye. He was a cosplay judge in more than 7 different countries, being one of the first American cosplayers to represent the continent in Europe and the very first to represent it in Russia. Dan worked on the co-creation of the official Overwatch’s “Widowmaker Talon” cosplay for Blizzard and collaborated with Netease and Cygames as an official model and cosplayer for Urias from Shadowverse.