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What is Warsaw Comic Con?

Warsaw Comic Con is a festival dedicated to all fantasy fans, cosplayers, gamers, movie, tv series and comic book lovers.
Warsaw Comic Con is the perfect place to meet Your favorite actors, writers, esport stars as well as the craziest personalities on the internet.
It’s a brilliant opportunity to meet other fans and to buy comic books, gadgets and other fantasy-related memorabilia.

Am I not too old/too young/not experienced enough in fandom?

Warsaw Comic Con is an event for everyone. If You are popculture lover – You are welcome at our event! We are waiting for guests of all ages (but remember that each person below 14 years old has to come with come with their carers, and visitors from 14 to 18 years old needs a document signed by a parent).

Can I eat something during the event?

Yes – there will be Food Truck Zone between the halls where You can find a large variety of delicious meals. You can also buy cold and hot drinks at our event.

Where and when?

Warsaw Comic Con will be held from 26th to 28th of October 2018. HERE You can find time schedule, list of attractions etc. You can also check how to buy a ticket and how You can reach our event using public transport. We encourage You to download our mobile app and to follow the profile of Warsaw Comic Con at Facebook.