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Andrzej Pilipiuk 

Literary father of the most famous moonshiner and exorcist – Jakub Wędrowycz – and the reviver of Pan Samochodzik (Mister Automibile). Polish fantasy writer, Andrzej Pilipiuk, will be one of the guests at the 4th edition of Warsaw Comic Con hosted from 26th to 28th of October at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

The plan of Warsaw Comic Con, as in the previous editions, will be filled with meetings with writers, comics creators, and actors of popular movies and series. Among the guests you can find Andrzej Pilipiuk – writer and publicist, well known to the fans of Polish fantasy. Pilipiuk’s portfolio includes book cycles like The Chronicles of Jakub Wędrowycz, Oko Jelenia, Norweski Dziennik, or Kuzynki, and also the famous Pan Samochodzik (Mister Automobile). He is also a laureate of Janusz A. Zajdel’s literary prize for year 2002.
During Warsaw Comic Con Andrzej Pilipiuk will talk about, among others, about old Russia, Robert Storm’s new clues, post-apocalyptic scouts, and we’ll go on a perilous journey to Wojsławice. As always, during the convention you’ll have the oportunity to ask questions and take autographs. Note: no entry for Bardaks! Andrzej Pilipiuk will be one of the special guests of the October edition of Warsaw Comic Con. So far the organisers revealed over a dozen international movie stars. Besides meetings with the stars of literature, movies, and television; concerts, exhibitions, cosplay competitions, thematic zones of movies and series, and board game tournaments will await the participants.

Michał Gołkowski 

Michał Gołkowski Father of Polish Stalker, the master of the post-apocalyptic genre. Translator, hedonist, but most of all – a writer. The one that gave us “Komornik”, “Moskal”, and “The History of Corporal Reinhardt”. He’ll show up at Warsaw ComicCon to sign copies of his books (alas, not with his foes’ blood), tell about the Greco-Latin civilisation and The Great War. And then he’ll disappear and continue writing more books and lead us by the nose. Because of that watch carefully for his distinctive silhouette!

The Great War. A short journey through the battlefields of the 1st World War. We’ll pass under rows of barbed wire on the Western Front, wrongfoot the Russian footmen near Tannenberg, and embark on a blimp’s board. Unique writer, the master of exposition will tell us about his inspirations behind the “Steel Rats” cycle – including arms, art, and beautiful ladies

Jacek Komuda 

Writer, author of popular historic stories situated in the times of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. An expert in Sarmatian customs and the first blade of Polish fantasy. For long he wandered after major Hubal. Currently he crafts stories of Jaksa.

Katarzyna Czajka-Kominiarczuk 

Blogger, reviewer, and a commited fan of Batman. From the distant past, i.e. 2009, he administrates a page called Zwierz Popkulturalny. He studies Polish cinematography from the interwar period.

Jacek Radzymiński 

Author of a book about ghosts. An outstanding expert of occultism in Europe, founder of a page called Mówi Wieko where he publishes fun facts about cemetery culture. In the free time he searches English-speaking thematic forums for information about haunted houses.

Jacek „Shardbearer” Małas  

Supposedly a student. Expert on Sanderson’s worlds about which he writes on site “Droga Królow”. Novice worldbuilder and aspiring writer. Moderator of Sanderson fan communities and worldbuilding groups. When he’s not falling asleep in random places, he plays tabletop games and compulsively reads TVTropes.

Jacek „Shardbearer” Małas  – speeches:

Brandon Sanderson writes a lot – a beginner can easily get lost in his many series and cycles. Where to start? How to find something for yourself? 
Many people who have heard of Cosmere universe linking some of the books don’t know in what order they should read them. Here you’ll find comprehensive answers for all your questions!  

Basics of Cosmere – Brandon Sanderson’s universe  
Did you notice the same character showing up in different Sanderson books? Are you wondering who or what was Adonalsium? Are you confused by how Shadesmar works? If these kinds of questions keep you up at night – or if you don’t even know what we’re talking about, this lecture is for you!

Adam Gąsior 

Enthusiastic programmer, aspiring game developer. Does Computer Science at Newcastle University (in the UK), and despite that, complains about excess of leisure time. When he’s not busy, he plays hardcore platformer games, casually plays the guitar or bass, or develops his yet perennial constructed language.

Adam Gąsior – speeches:

Can computers make languages? – Is a machine capable of producing complex grammar systems? If so, would these sets of rules be usable for a human? I will answer these questions; moreover we’ll learn about a few methods of procedural vocabulary generation, including ways of implementing the simplest of them by yourself. I’ll demostrate these methods by writing the code live during presentation. At the same time, I’ll provide explanations for those who are unfamiliar with programming themselves.

Irk tolkošočäbayj? How to construct a language? – From zero to hero, how to construct a functional and credible fictional language, like Tolkien did. In this lecture we’ll demonstrate the possibilities a conlanger (language creator) has. We will show you the basics of inventing any type of writing system. We will introduce you to different grammatical features that existing language have. We will explain different approaches to constructing vocabulary. But most of all, we’ll entertain you by showing what you can – but definitely should not add to your invention.

Jakub Ptaszyński 

Creator of “What will the conworld be like?” group for amateurs of worldbuilding. While not enjoying his virtual reality power, he works on finishing Acoustics degree at AMU in Poznań, plays bass or watches cute samoyed recordings. One day he will create his fantasy cartoon series.

Jakub Ptaszyński – speeches:

“Fictitious geography, but still, it’s geography!”
They say you may create a setting without a map, but why would anyone take such risk? During this meeting we’re gonna challenge ourselves to make up geographically plausible worlds, subdue them to our priorities and give them an aesthetic finish.

Michał Gralak 

The coordinator of this year’s Horror Zone. A fan of horror (in particular of supernatural horror), fantasy and all kinds of hames. In the free time he studies the basics of digital panting, writes stories and articles. He’s trying on making a silkworm farm and an army of decorative hens.

Michał Gralak – speeches:

Cthulhu on the horizon – what 2019 will bring to horror.
The opening lecture to the horror block on WCC which will focus on the upcoming video games, movies, and books from this genre. There will be some commentary on their origins in popculture, and likely forecasts on development of particular subgenres of such productions, starting from horror walking simulators (in the case of games), or even comics adapting the works of the Loner of Providence.

Konrad Pokultinis 

A male nurse from Wrocław and an eternal fan of Star Wars. Passionate defender of the prequels, reader, and gamer. For a long time a member of the group How will it be in A Galaxy Far Far Away?

Konrad Pokultinis – speeches:

In defense of the prequels – special effects
On this lecture I’ll focus on demonstrating that CGI is not as black as they paint it, and also how much work was put into assembling thousands of models used in the Episodes I-III.

Maciej “Sarajas” Głowacki 

A psychology student who still does not understand how people work, but now, at least, he knows it’s okay. He will publish a book when his D:/ drive is full. Until then, he harasses bookwrights on his book review fanpage. An avid video games fan – it’s highly likely that your grandchildren will play multiplayer games with him.

Maciej “Sarajas” Głowacki – speeches:

“Robinson Crusoe, The Hunger Games and the end of the world – why do we hate each other?”
The talk will take you on a journey through the most popular video games and books about survival or lack thereof. You will learn where do these more and more vivid trends come from, what makes a person discard the luxuries of the 21st century for dystopian visions of the world, why do we enjoy genocide and where does all of it lead us.

“Postapocalypse in Polish literature – when will it finally end?”
The postapocalypse has made its way to Polish literature and it’s here to stay – it’s time to try to define and describe its current state. This lecture will introduce you to Poland’s very own postapocalyptic works, sum up this ongoing trend and attempt to predict further development of this genre.

“Libertarians destroyed storytelling and other superhero tales”
What should a protagonist be like – which stereotype is the most common in fantasy works and is it good for the readers? Which heroes are the most memorable and which ones do we identify with? This lecture will sum up the types of heroes we expect from popular fiction and the types that we get.

“How not to write about what does not exist – visualisation of the world”
Do people imagine things or do they just recall images from their mind? What makes what we see with our minds different from what we see with our eyes? This lecture’s main topic will be the difficult relationship between sensory recognition and the possibilities of a literary depiction. It will also attempt to answer the question of why is it so difficult to find originality in literature.

Weronika Sobieska 

I’m a high school student, watching TV series in my spare time. I lose even more time for private life by taking part in scenic and film projects for being more engaged in this incredible area. Thanks to my passions I love to analyse various productions from each angle. I used to be an active user of yet closed website where I wrote articles and reviews of different works of generally understood art (including plays, series, movies, and events). I also used to work as a translator for the SkyTeam Poland group. Sometimes I attempt to record something on my own, with varied results.

Weronika Sobieska – speeches:

The 100 – TV series that delighted thousands, but why?
Full analysis of the series’ success and things that might have affected it: including the book’s success and similarities with Lost.

Characters you love and hate
We’ll discuss the main and other significant characters of the series, their transformations against the backdrop of all events, and why we start to hate our favourite heroes and love our prior antagonists.

They deserve more
All of us were touched by at least one character’s death in this series where, let us not hide, a lot of people have died (though not as many as in A Game of Thrones). On this lecture we’ll try to explain why some characters had to be killed, whether their death was “adequate”, and imagine what would happen if a given character had survived.

Paulina Justyna Ćwiek 

Graduate of Pedagogics at the University of Białystok and of Journalism and Social Communication at Gdańsk University. Currently a postgraduate Schooling Management student. Has eight years of experience in public speaking. Works as an actress at two theatres in Białystok and a participant of theatre workshops in the Dramatic Theater in Białystok. Her greatest passion is theatre and horsemanship, though for many years she deepens her knowledge about dystopic views of the world which also became the topic of her master thesis. The 100 is one of the first series that inspired her to learn more about the idea of dystopia.

Paulina Justyna Ćwiek – speeches:

“Dystopic vision of the world shown in The 100 series”
This panel aims to deeply explore the ideas of dystopia from different perspectives. I’ll refer to works such as “Nineteen Eighty-Four” by George Orwell to introduce you to the topic. The 100 series is a perfect example of dystopia – many people have no idea what exactly dystopia is and how it’s presented, even though many books, movies, and series on this topic were written. On this panel I want to bring up examples from 5 seasons of this series which prove that it’s kind of a dark vision of the future of our world. Every season explores this concept from a slightly different perspective.

“Mount Weather – or a utopia for the chosen”
I was inspired to speak on this topic by the fans of the series, whom I asked what more they would like to know about it. What’s interesting in this subject is that Mount Weather really exists, which was cleverly used by the creators of the series. On this panel I would like to talk about the idea of utopia and also the whole story of Mount Weather, step by step analysing what happened there and if it could go on differently. Furthermore, I’ll talk about the real Mount Weather to show what it really looks like and who has access to it.

“From zero to hero – how the characters’ behaviour altered through 5 seasons”
A detailed analysis of all seasons of the series. I chose a few key characters whose attitude dramatically changed, including Murphy, Kane, or even Octavia. The purpose of this panel is to analyse their paths from the first to the fifth season which had influence on how they turned from worse to better.

Emilian Sornat 

Passionate worldbuilder and lecturer at conventions, moderator of group „Jak będzie w conworldzie?”, tenor and not quite yet known author. Familiarity of literature and fruits of popculture allows him to deconstruct motifs and tropes with pinpoint accuracy. His many hobbies compose of chemistry, materials, philosophy and mythology, which drive his own fantasy world forward.

Paulina Justyna Ćwiek – speeches:
Really, again? – the most abused themes in fantasy
Elves, the great evil sorcerer, or other iterations of dragons? What motifs do we encounter the most and we can’t stand anymore? Let us gather and discuss the most exploited themes from our favourite writers.
Godzilla and other kaiju
Can giant monsters be scary? What symbols and messages can be carried by movies about monstrous beasts devastating metropolies? What makes Godzilla special among grosses of cinematic behemoths? The aim of this lecture is to analyse the universe of, and also explain the theories concerning the upcoming “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”
Worldbuilding – the basics and theory
Are you wondering how to start the construction of the universe for your novel? Or maybe you need to add colour to your RPG to make it not seem like a raw set of rules? This lecture packs into a nutshell all the lore necessary to evade errors that are most common amongst novice worldbuilders, and to learn about various ways to develop your own world.
Magic and sorcery behind the scenes – how to build a magic system
The mysterious art of wonders and unresearched phenomena, or technology and a tool handled by wise people? We’ll learn from this lecture what criteria can be fulfilled by magic, and how to build a sensible system of magic.
May a sword not shatter – the ins and outs of steel
Until now, steel remains one of the most important materials utilised by humans. What makes it so special? How does iron ore need to be processed before it becomes a shiny blade? We’ll talk about widely used smithing techniques, internal structures of steel and its vastness of features.

Jan Mikołajczyk 

A biotechnology student with a bit too keen interest in microorganisms. Huge fan of video games, TVTropes, and good movies (although he hasn’t seen that many of them). When he’s not busy getting drunk on the wonders of molecular biology, you’ll problably find him posting on the local worldbuilding group, mostly as a propagator of sci-fi, particularly some with a high score on the Mohs’ hardness scale.

Jan Mikołajczyk – speeches:

Let’s take an average human. Now let’s give that human some spider traits. And the traits of a dozen other animals. Because why not? Sounds like a perfect superhero recipe, but is that even possible? Is poking around the inner workings of DNA really that easy? How long until we get our superpowers? A talk about genetic modification, shedding some light on what we have now, and how it’s different from sci-fi.

Sylwester „Wicked G” Gdela 

Young and (perhaps) talented. He had come up with his nickname four years ago, shortly before he started sharing his short stories on the Internet. From time to time, his name can be spotted in Polish fantasy & sci-fi magazines. Apart from writing prose, he is also editing it in the Fantazmaty publishing project. A student of Material Engineering. In his free time he usually hikes, takes photos or talks about his favourite game series – The Elder Scrolls.

Sylwester „Wicked G” Gdela – speeches:

The Bad Trip Journal – psychedelics & neurobiology in horror stories:A speech about psychoactive substances trope in pieces of art of the horror genre. I will talk about examples of altered states of consciousness in movies and TV series. We will also discuss about fear and hallucinogenic substances from scientific standpoint.

The Genius Pill – real perspective or pipe dream? Briefly on nootropic drugs: A lecture on pharmaceutical means of cognitive enhancement. Fictional substances such as NZT-48 from the movie „Limitless” will be compared with real-life nootropics. I will also mention other ways of optimizing brain functions.

Electronic music in movies and video games (including but not limited to fantasy & sci-fi): Presentation focused on electronic music in movie and video game soundtracks. After a short introduction about the definition and classification of electronic music I will talk about examples of cult pieces; where drum & bass, techno and many other electronic music subgenres were the fundamental part of the soundtrack.

The Elder Scrolls for semi-advanced. Mysterious facts and fan theories, featuring Oliwier Czyż & Michał Podłubny): A speech dedicated to the fans of one of the most famous Bethesda Softworks’ franchises. We will provide the audience with facts not easily discovered for the people exploring the unique reality of Tamriel. Then, we are going to discuss a few of the craziest and most fascinating theories about plots or characters present in TES games

Tymoteusz Czyż 

Professionally a programmer. Passionate about fantasy, writing scripts (for movies and RPGs), fascinated by game design and playing the ukulele. When he’s got time, he analyses various recipes and plays with cooking. Born growler.

Tymoteusz Czyż – speeches:

A Game of Thrones – Worth it or not? – Introduction to A Song of Ice and Fire dedicated to novice fans and those who want to dive into George R. R. Martin’s universe for the first time. We’ll think about who might appreciate Martin’s works in order to establish who may not. Finally, we’ll compare the strengths and weaknesses of the books.

A Game of Thrones – Reading between the lines. – A lecture about the symbolics included in A Game of Thrones series and A Song of Ice and Fire. Hidden stories, struggles of mythological forces, and inspirations from H. P. Lovecraft. From The Citadel to The Wall – the universe of A Song of Ice and Fire is filled with beliefs, old legends, and primaeval secret powers. We’ll think about what is dormant in the heart of winter, and what is situated outside of Asshai. We’ll consider fan theories – both the feasible, and the ridiculous ones. Put your tin foil hats on, and prepare for all the incredible stories invented by fans. In every myth there’s a grain of truth.

Alternative comics – What’s going on in the comics besides DC and Marvel? – How much interesting content remains unnoticed by comics fans? Is nothing really breathing, except the huge publishers? We’ll look at the more and the less known titles, maybe some of them will attract your attention? From Dark Horse Comics, up until Polish creators, and who knows – maybe even some manga appears?

RPG script writing – starter pack. – We’ll talk about what makes a script good, and how to improve the process of creation. More interesting combat? More drama, or maybe thoroughfully planned locations? Come and see! We’ll set a script apart in order to then look closer at each of its pieces. Which structure suits given type of script the best? We’ll find an answer to that. How many feature possibilities can we pull out of an ordinary leprechaun? You may be surprised!

A Game of Thrones – intrigues for smarties. – Is Petyr Baelish your idol? Or maybe Tyrion Lanister suits you more? Why does everyboody respect Tywin so much, and who is the Queen of Thorns? Come and see why Dorne faded so poorly in the series! The lecture is on politicising and making intrigue on macro and micro scales. All based on the examples from George R. R. Martin’s works. What do politics consist of when the electors are not fought for? How to quickly develop our career, are acquaintances important in that? We’ll answer these and many other questions!

Oliwier Czyż 

I’ve started my adventure with TES universe from the well known game TES III – Morrowind. Vastness and bizarreness of this universe captivated me from the first glance, and my knowledge about it allowed me to host series of “Guides through Tamriel” on YouTube and to be a co-creator of the biggest Polish group focusing on TES on polish Facebook – “How will it be in Tamriel?”

Oliwier Czyż – speeches:

„Is Talos really a god? How godhood works in TES universe” – Anyone who played The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim knows that the main conflict of the 4th Era was started by a religious dispute. Reborn and mighty Aldmeri Dominion forbids the worship of the human god Talos, and chases his followers through all corners of Tamriel. Is nords’ fight for Talos’ worship rational? How can you become a god, and what does it mean to be a god? How to kill a god? I will make all efforts to answer these questions.

“War History in the Elder Scrolls universe” – Stealth armies, biological weapon, drones, all those and many more weapons of war we can find in history of Tamriel. Through many millenia of existence of the civilisation on Nirn there were countless wars, about which I will tell you more.

“Inspirations from real world cultures in Elder Scrolls universe” – Nords are Vikings, Imperials are Romans, is it that simple? Absolutely it isn’t! On my lecture I will gladly present you vastness of references to historical cultures in The Elder Scrolls universe. We will go on a journey from Black Marsh to High Rock and, at the same time, through the cultures of Persia, Siberia and many more.

Kacper „Fergard” Wala 

The student of SPRINT-WRITE on the University of Silesia. Interests include fantasy literature, video games and manga and anime. In the fantasy community since 2008. Likes to write and would like to turn it into a job and the future – not just as a prospective fantasy novelist, but also as a translator or a scenarist. Also likes to sing. A teetotaler. Dreams of being a voice actor.

Kacper „Fergard” Wala – speeches:

The Flame and the Abyss – The World of „Dark Souls” -> The lecture about the flagship From Software game series, “Dark Souls”; more specifically, about the world and plot found across the three installments. The presentation will focus on popular fan theories, as well as the chronology of the world and the cyclical nature of the Age of Fire.

„Bloodborne” and Lovecraft -> The story about cosmic horror wearing the coat of a gothic novel. The lecture focuses on one of the most successful translations of lovecraftian horror into the language of video games.

The Might and Magic of Jon Van Canegham -> The history and inner workings of the Might & Magic universe, including its various spinoffs; showcasing hidden aspects of a cRPG series and turn-based “Heroes” series beloved by Polish gamers, including the unbelievably popular Heroes of Might and Magic 3.