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Ptak Warsaw Expo and Mamaville invite the youngest, together with their parents, to a unique festival of fun during the iconic Warsaw Comic Con.

Comic Con is an explosion of fantasy and fun at its best, and this year the festival will be enriched with a diversified play zone for children, combined with the WARSAW TOYS & KIDS toy market

The WARSAW TOYS & KIDS toy fair is new from the toy market leaders, including Lego, Playmobil, Cobi, Bruder. Polish brands will present themselves, which will show their rich offer for the youngest. Everything is kept in the “ComiCon” climate. We will stimulate your imagination, inspire you to act and create, creativity level 100! At the fair you will find ecological, wooden, educational toys, DIY toys, books, games and games. We will also take care of cool Comic Con gadgets.

And to all of this, we donate to you “Comic Con’s KIDS FUN ZONE, and everything that the children’s heart desires to enjoy. We invite children from 2 to 10 years of age for the most fun they can imagine. KIDS FUN ZONE, among others: giant blocks, blowing toys, creating robots, land of Linden wooden blocks, sewing workshops for children, balloon animals, tattoos, painting face, closing in bubbles and the whole power of games and activities. In addition, creative family workshops and, attention, kindergarten on the spot (caring for children 3-7 years) !!!

Three days of the festival are unforgettable impressions, emotions and memories. Now also more accessible for the youngest fans of Comic Con!

We welcome visitors and exhibitors.

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